Burial Prices



All pricing is based on a package price and includes plot with numbered headstone, casket, internment fee, mounted memorial plaque, first set of flowers, flower holder and first year maintenance. See description below for details of our products and services.


Price breaks are given for multiple packages or plots purchased at the same time. 


We have a package price for each casket size, which includes:


24 x 18 inches cast in place headstone. Headstones are set in rows with brick markers on the top edge of the headstones designating Row and Plot number.


Because the markers are on top of the headstone, they will never be lost in the grass and because of the headstone design, no headstone can fall down, making it difficult to locate the plot you wish to visit.

Our Caskets made of the finest high-impact styrene plastic and were selected for their durability and design so that a vault was not necessary to prevent the ground from sinking in the future. All caskets are air and water tight when sealed.


Internment is scheduled to fit the client's needs as closely as possible


Our mounted 7 x 7 inch is an aluminum metal plate memorial plaque. A larger size plaque is available in 10 x 8 inches for an additional fee.


An artificial floral arrangement and holder is provided, in your choice of colors, at time of internment.






Approx. Weight            To 15 lbs   16 to 25 lbs   26 to 55 lbs 56 to 75 lbs Over 75 lbs
Casket Size
20 Deluxe
24 Deluxe 32 Deluxe 40 Deluxe 52 Deluxe
Plot With Headstone
$110.00 $180.00 $180.00 $200.00
$400.00 $516.00 $630.00 $830.00
$89.00 $157.00 $174.00 $228.00
Plaque 7 x 7
$100.00 $100.00
Plaque Mounting
$20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
Flower Holder
$10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00
1st yr. Maintenance
$55.00 $85.00 $85.00 $85.00
Sales Tax
$30.00 $36.96 $43.80 $55.80


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